How OfferZen works
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1) Create your free profile:

After completing sign-up, you'll be presented with a series of steps aimed at helping you create your profile. Once you complete these steps, your profile will be automatically submitted for review. At this point, only you and the OfferZen team will be able to view your profile.

Note that developers on OfferZen are required to have high intent to change jobs, be looking for permanent, full-time work or 3+ month contracts, and be based in Europe or Africa.

2) Get reviewed

Once your profile is submitted, our team will review your profile and check whether we have jobs on the platform that match your skills and experience.

You will be notified if your profile has been accepted, rejected, or requires further information (like a coding test) within 2 business days. To learn more about the review process, check out this guide.

3) Meet your talent advisor

After being accepted to OfferZen, you’ll be introduced to a talent advisor, who is there to advise you through your job search on OfferZen. Your talent advisor can:

  • Ensure you communicate well with the companies you're interviewing with

  • Support decision-making in the job search (for opportunities both on and off OfferZen)

  • Work with you to make sure you’re prepared to win at interviews

  • Give you pointers on time management, as well as balancing interviews and tech assessments

  • Support you as you negotiate offers

  • Assist you with resigning from your current position

Note that talent advisors on OfferZen do not receive commission for successful hires. They are salaried employees at OfferZen, so their only focus is helping you land the right job, even if it turns out that’s at your current company.

4) Complete your profile

Although you created a basic profile when you signed up, there are a couple more details that are crucial for you to add before you become visible to companies on OfferZen. Your Talent Advisor can help with this step to make sure your profile stands out to potential employers. Check out our guide for this here.

5) Your profile is visible to companies

When you are ready to have your profile made visible, it will be published on the OfferZen marketplace. Profiles are visible to companies for 28 days for South African Candidates and 42 days for European candidates. During this time, companies can view your profile and reach out to you if there is a role fit.

We always hide your profile from your current employer and any others that you choose.

6) Companies reach out to you

Companies interested in you will reach out to you by sending an interview request. Interview requests have details about the role (tech stack, responsibilities, location, remote policy, etc) as well as upfront salary information. The request also includes links to the company profile, where you can find details about the company’s mission, culture, and perks.

You decide how to respond to companies by accepting or rejecting their interview requests.

Note: The upfront salary amount in an interview request is non-binding and you’re still able to negotiate the final offer amount.

7) Find your dream developer job

Choose the best offer for you by comparing salary, the work you’ll be doing, work environment, learning opportunities, and perks. Your talent advisor can assist you with comparing offers and negotiating.

If you find a job through OfferZen, we’ll send you an epic swag pack to say thanks for using us and wishing you luck for your new role!

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