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Connecting a calendar to OfferZen

Connect your calendar with OfferZen to schedule interviews faster

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Speed up interview scheduling by connecting your calendar with OfferZen

Some of the benefits of keeping your calendar in sync with OfferZen:

  • Reduce back and forth by sharing your calendar availability with candidates when you reach out to them.

  • You can send candidates multiple time slots to choose from or schedule an interview for a specific date.

  • Scheduled interviews will automatically appear in your calendar.

  • Changes to calendar events will reflect on OfferZen.

How to connect your calendar

In the main menu navigate to More > Integrations.

In the calendar section, click on the "Connect your calendar" button.

A new tab will open for you to select your calendar provider. Select your provider and follow the prompts to connect your calendar.

Guidelines for Microsoft calendar users

If your calendar is a Microsoft product, please follow these guidelines to select the correct option:

  • Do you have a Microsoft Office 365 company account? Select Office 365.

  • Do you have an individual or business Outlook account? Select Outlook.

  • Are your email servers hosted using Microsoft Exchange? Select Exchange.

If you’re unsure, your IT department should be able to help you choose the right option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I schedule interviews for multiple teams and sometimes I need to double book my calendar. Will connecting my calendar prevent me from making double bookings?

It will depend on the interview scheduling option you choose. You can control your calendar and choose what works for you.

If you schedule an interview for a specific date we will not prevent double bookings.

If you allow a candidate to choose a time in your calendar they will only be able to select available times. In this way, you can avoid accidental double bookings.

I use multiple calendars. Which one will interviews scheduled on OfferZen appear in?

Scheduled interviews will appear in your primary (default) calendar.

How can I disconnect my calendar?

While the new interview scheduling tool is in Beta you can reach out to your Account Manager to disconnect your calendar.

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