Signing up for OfferZen is free. If you hire someone through OfferZen you can choose between one of two payment options:

12.5% upfront

We charge 12.5% of the candidates first year cost-to-company.

If things don't work in the first 3 months, we'll refund you the entire fee (i.e. a 3-month money-back guarantee).

The fee is payable within 30 days of the start date. Practically our billing department will send you an invoice within the first week of the candidate starting at your company. 

1.5% monthly for 10 months

We charge 1.5% of the candidates first year cost-to-company at the start of each month for 10 months. 

If things don’t work out at any time during those 10 months, you can let us know and we will stop billing you.

Each month's fee is payable within 7 days of the start of the month.

If you haven't seen them already, here's a link to our terms.

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